OEM focuses on serving middle market manufacturing, distribution and service companies.

  • Assist companies to make strategic investments in new businesses.
  • Obtain premium values on the sale of businesses with revenues between $5 million and $100 million.
  • Structure leveraged transactions to acquire or re-capitalize businesses requiring between $10 million and $100 million.
  • Restructure companies with revenues between $10 million and $150 million.
  • Assist companies in the turnaround process, creating corporate renewal and retiring debt.

OEM has completed approximately 75 assignments and raised over $1 billion of debt, mezzanine and equity capital from banks, institutions and private equity.

Experienced senior bankers are available 24 hours daily in close relationships with clients. Fees are commensurate with the value added, substantially due at closing, with a nominal monthly retainer payable during the period of active engagement.

Business Sale or Divestiture

Obtain premium values on the sale of businesses.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Assist in identifying and securing attractive business opportunities, as well as the required financing.

Corporate Restructuring

Restructure and revitalize companies, guiding in corporate renewal and debt reduction.